Tuesday, January 21, 2020

DBS 02 - Show #2

https://archive.org/download/DontBeSwindle-Episode1Podcast_907/DBS2.mp3 Second episode of Don't Be Swidle Podcast with Will Butler as your host with a guest block by Jace Kuhn and shoutout by Patrick Forrest and Logan Neubauer of Backslider. Weekend Nachos - Dog Torture Mihoen - Geinstitutionaliseerde Ideale Vorhees - Feed The Poor Neos - Destruct Malicious Grind - Hardcore Wall Flower DYS - Brotherhood Bathtub Shitter - Fuck Hip Raper Framtid - We Must Impart Slight Slappers - Normal Life Toast - Plastic Kill Order Sea Of Shit - Mindless Mindless - Diseased Matka Teresa - Dirty Hands Mind As Prison - Comp Song Napalm Death - Unchallenged Hate Magrudergrind -Stagnant Bathory - Holocaust Backslider - Predictable Epitaph Dead Language - Short Straw Low Threat Profile - Southern Hospitality Brain Killer - Tranquilizer Pull Out An Eye - Paper Soldier State Violence - Song 2 Surroundings - Gluttony Of God Coke Bust - Deathbed

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